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Ehara Industries
Quality Systems

Specialist in Fuel tanks, Vacuum reservoirs, oil Strainers,
Bonnet Hinge Cover, Reinforcement Panels, Skid Plates etc.

Quality Policy

  • FWe, Ehara Industries, strive to produce the best sheet metal components to match the quality parameters communicated by our customers. We produce products to meet our customer's stringent quality and JIT requirement and we achieve this in the most cost-effective manner.

  • Ehara Industries Management is fully committed towards total compliance of the requirements of our customers, statutory & regulatory requirement applicable to the product as well as those laid down in the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems.

  • Ehara Industries management and its employees fully understand their obligations and hence keep an open mind and enhancing their skills towards learning and continuous improvements in their work area.

Quality Objective

    The Quality Policy requirements are achieved by Ehara Industries management through the following Objectives:

  • By increasing the value-sales by +10% every year.
  • By bringing the customer complaints rate to near-zero level.
  • By bringing the customer satisfaction level up to 95 %.
  • By providing development-training to all categories of employees at least 2 mandays every year.